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     1This page is intended to document an EDF effort to provide relatively general
     2C++ support for various instruments, including LeCroy (and possibly other brand)
     3oscilloscopes, Agilent AWGs and perhaps GPIB instruments such as signal generators
     4and VOMs via a GPIB-Ethernet interface.
     6== LeCroy Oscilloscopes ==
     8Allegedly one can communicate with LeCroy oscilloscopes over Ethernet.
     9This is "easy" if you use Windows and the DLL supplied by LeCroy, however
     10here we use mostly linux and prefer not to rely on black-box software.
     12I am working with a WaveRunner 64xi-A scope.
     14The scopes as it turns out support two different protocols, and you must select one
     15in the remote control configuration menu in the instrument.  One protocol is VICP
     16which is proprietary to LeCroy but rather simple.  The other is VXI, which is widely-used
     17but more complex.  I have had some success with the sample program supplied with the
     18Linux VXI-11 driver linked below.  This seems like a good approach.
     20* [ LeCroy Remote Control manual]
     21* [ "Understanding VICP..."]
     22* []
     23(see [ Sourceforge link]
     24* [ vxi11.tar.gz]
     25* [ LeCrunch!]
     27== Agilent AWG ==
     29The Agilent AWG we have is simpler, as it responds directly to SCIP (aka GPIB) commands
     30on a TCP server with no additional protocol.  Perhaps VXI is supported also, but I haven''t
     31looked in to this.
     33Here is a very simple program ([ awg_comm.c]
     34opens a connection to the Agilent AWG and allows the user to enter commands.
     36* [ Agilent 18860A User Manual]