This page documents various stepping motor controllers built in EDF over the years.

New Super-K Power Box

This box is designed to be driven by the Hytec 2256 VME module, or any other source of step/direction pulses


Old Power Box for MACRO/Super-K

This is a Bud box with a 12V power supply, a PCB and 3 connectors (DB15, DB25 and 20 pin header). It provides power switching electronics for a 5V motor.

partly-legible original! Component references may not be 100% correct.

Commercial Modules

El-Batanouny Lab

Three-motor control in rack-mount box. Uses 3 "power box" boards, wired to a DB-25 connector on the rear panel.

Control Basics

The Airpac motors we have lots of from a surplus lot are configured like this:


This is the standard step sequence:

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