This page describes a possible development project for Darren Roblyer (new BU faculty) to support his research in diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging (DOSI) methods to study breast tumor hemodynamics and metabolism during chemotherapy.

A data acquisition run is defined in terms of "sweeps" where the modulation frequency for lasers is swept from 50MHz to 400MHz in 1MHz steps. At each step 4k samples are captured. Thus the total data volume for a sweep is approximate 5.6MBytes.

PCB Layout

Other Documents

Current proposal is to use the ADC2D1800RFRB board (datasheet) • (Schematic/Layout AD9910/eb board for the DDS chip.

The ADC board has a high pin count FMC connector (400 pins).

PXI Data

VME Data


'2012-03-27 - Obtained pricing on VME and PXI digitizer options '2012-02-28 - ordered 4 samples of FMC connector ASP-134485-01 from Samtec

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