The Basics

Techniques used to locate and purchase existing parts

  • Search by Specification
    • Engineering search engine
    • Manufactures Website
    • Review Datasheets at a Distributors Website
    • By Catalog (pictures can be helpful depending on the type of part)
  • Search by Part Number
    • Execute a search
      • Using the manufactures part number at a distributors website
      • Using the manufactures part number at a manufactures website then locate vendors that carry the part
      • Using a parts search engine.
  • Search by Physical Part
    • Examine the part to identify
      • Manufacture
      • Part Number
      • Physical Attributes such as dimensions, package type, number of pins, etc..

Techniques used to have custom parts manufactured

  • Identify a qualified manufacturing company
    • Submit specialized instructions (design) to the company

Parts Searching and Identification Resources

Engineering Search Engines

Electronic Parts Search Engines

Data Sheets, Part Identification, and Documentation

Electronic Parts Procurement

Major Vendors & Distributors

Specialty & Hobby Electronics Vendors

Suppliers & Manufactures

After Market, Obsolete Electronic Parts

Custom Parts Procurement

Custom CAD and Manufacture

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