This is an LED driver which is designed to provide a fast current pulse, adjustable from about 0-70mA and 0-50ns with fast (sub-ns) risetime to drive an LED.

The pulser is composed of two separate units. A control box mounted in an aluminum enclosure accepts an input trigger pulse, and provides adjustments for output current and pulse width. A small driver board which drives the LED is connected by two cables (one BNC and one RJ-45 network-type cable) to the control unit. The driver PCB would typically be mounted inside a dark box with a photo-detector.

Updated Documentation Feb 2013

Current inventory

Link to google spreadsheet of current inventory GoogleDoc

Sets Shipped

The following complete sets were shipped on 10/5/2011:

  • Set1: LED Pulser #4; LED Pulse Generator #4; Box #4; Power Supply; RJ45 Cable; BNC Cable
  • Set2: LED Pulser #2; LED Pulse Generator #3; Box #3; Power Supply, RJ45 Cable; BNC Cable

Version 2.1

Design slightly revised; juxtapose R8 and R9 on the LED Driver Board and replace R13 with 820 ohm in parallel with 10k ohm – ExpressPCB

Design revised; removed R14 – ExpressPCB

Version 2

Design revised in April 2011. This version is essentially the same as Version 1 but with ECOs taken care of.

LED Driver Board ==

XLS backup • Assembly Pro Forma


  • PCB Layout –

ExpressPCB PDF

Pulse Generator Board ==

XLS backup (this file is named wrong!) • Assembly Pro Forma



Or see the Design Files


The following P/N high-brightness blue LEDs have been suggested: L53NBC, L7113NBC, NSPB500S, NSPB300S. (We have not yet tested any of these).

Version 1

See some photos

Pulse Generator Board

LED Driver Board


The LED Pulser Driver PCB will be housed in a Front Panel Express Enclosure. See: side profile 2

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