This page describes a project to develop an inexpensive programmable high-voltage supply system for PMTs. This is currently generic R&D but may develop into a system used for i.e. Super-Kamiokande or the propose Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) at Homestake.

Target Specifications

(from LBNE requirements document... take with a grain of salt!)

Voltage Setting 1500-2500V 1V steps Groups of 16 within 300V range
Ripple <100mV at PMT base
Voltage Readback
Current Readback

The proposed PMT for LBNE requires no more than 1800V, so a range of 1500V-1800V is surely adequate. Current requirement is under discussion but likely ~ 100uA per channel.

A modularity of 16 channels with individually adjustable outputs is forseen.

First Prototype

This is a test board to characterize the Pico 12VV2 DC/DC converter. It consists of a two-stage op-amp driver circuit to provide the necessary 0-12V @ 1A maximum input to the Pico, with a choice of feedback options. Voltage may be set by a pot or external signal. An SHV connector for the PMT cable and signal coupling capacitor are provided in case we want to connect an actual PMT.

Candidate Components

  • Pico Electronics VV series
  • Supertex LR8
  • ST micro VB408 (discontinued). See this circuit This is a nice idea, but draws way too much standing current for use as-is.
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