TomHayes3 (preview here



starter pack

Xilinx FPGA Materials


  • $49 each (student price)
  • Pros: USB-downloading built in, simple, cheap, complete, has VGA video port and PS-2 keyboard port
  • Has 4 expansion connectors for DACs, ADCs etc
  • Cons: no analog I/O or RAM except 8kB on FPGA

Project Ideas

  • Using BASYS board with ADC/DAC modules (or equivalent)
    • 'Digital Voltmeter. Display on 4-digit display. Could use a programmable-gain amplifier (i.e. AD524) on proto board for multi-range.
    • 'Frequency Counter
    • 'Function Generator (using DAC for output)
    • 'Simple Oscilloscope using VGA video output. This is a challenge because of the limited memory available in the XC3S100E FPGA (not enough for a 640x480 bitmap).

Other References

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