ASDQ Board Layout - V2 as built for 2013/2014 test beam

ASDQ Board Layout - As built v1

ASDQ Board Layout - Older versions for reference


Notes 2013-08-13:

Component values:

R13, R22 = 100
R10, R15, R18, R23 = 4.7k
R44 = 22.1k
R45 = 127k
R14 = 25.5k
R16 = 78.7k
R19 = 26.1k
R17 = 73.2k
C20, C17 and C39 (newly added by me) = 2.2uF
C15,C16,C18,C19,C21,C22,C23,C24 = "0.1uF" to match others
C17,C20,C39 = "1.0uF" to match others
C33, C38, C42, C43, C44, C46, C47, C61, C66, C70, C71, C72, C74, C75, C39, C67 = "470pF 2kV"
J3, J5 = "FTSH-102-04-F-DV-ND"
J6 = "LSHM-130-02.5-F-DV-N"
R26 = 46.4k
R28 = 30.9k
R29 = 12.1k
R30 = 17.8k
R34 = 4.02k
R38 = 2.00k
R39, R40 = 2.40k
R35, R36 = 3.60k

Notes 2013-06-18:

  • L1 and L2 must go: no inductors allowed!

R24, R25, R27, R31-R33 should be 0805 package.

Notes 2013-03-08:

  • R1 should be 0805 package
  • Diodes D1, D2 etc can be BAV99BRLP-7 (2x2mm QFN package).

Notes 2013-02-15:

  • 10V or 16V is fine for the caps, 10% tolerance. X7R or X5R is fine.
  • 200pF is a typo! C39 and C67 should be 100pF like the others.
  • For most of the resistors 1% 1/16W is fine.
  • R24, R25, R27, R31, R32 and R33 should be 0.25W at least, 0805 package.
  • J3 and J5 -- suggest Samtec FTSH-102-04-F-DV
  • J2 is for now two thru-hole pads 0.042 dia separated by 0.200

VR for ASDQ power. Est 300mA for 2xASDQ or 600mA for 4x. Pick a 1A LDO regulator.

  • Positive options (TI Positives
    • TPS73701 (leading candidate)
    • LD39150 (ST Micro, looks OK)
    • TPS74001, TPS74201, TPS74301, TPS74801 (all 1.5A)
    • LTC3026 (has 5V boost)
  • Negative options (few!)
    • LT3015 (DD pkg 3mm x 3mm)
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