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This device is a 4 band radiometer used in the BU Remote Sensing Lab to compare the reflection spectrum observed at ground level with that seen in satellite photos. The EDF has performed extensive repair and modification on these units over the years.


  • Send the tripod shaft collar mounts to the machine shop to be manufactured (will be done the week of 08/20/07)
  • Send ND-filter plate and specialty thumb screws to machine shop to be manufactured (will be done the week of 08/20/07)
  • Order ND-filters for the filter plate
  • Order opal diffusers and screw on mounts for the filter plate
  • Order bandpass filters for the detectors (waiting for shipment)
  • Order shaft collar for the tripod mount
  • Find, order, and replace LCD for the radiometer
  • Make three 42 inch extension cables (FYI: detector cables are 45 inches)
  • Replace internal bandpass filters for the detectors (waiting for shipment)
  • Install and engrave ND-filters/opal diffusers (waiting for shipment and filter plate)
  • Put everything together and test
  • Placed order for 9 diffuser mounting tubes from Thorlabs


'PIN Diodes:

UDP PIN-10 DB/541. Specs found online:

  Part Number = PIN10DB/541
  Manufacturer Name = UDT Sensors
  Description = General-Purpose Photodiode
  Semiconductor Material = Silicon
  Re Min.(A/W) Responsivity = 190m
  @Wavelength(m)(Test Condition) = 450n
  t(resp) Max.(s) Response Time = 500n
  NEP Max.(W/(Hz)1/2) = 47p
  C(T) Max. (F) Capacitance = 24n
  Status = Discontinued
  Package = N/A

Selected Parts (Confirmed with Dr. Strahler)

'25mm Circular Bandpass Filters

The three bands should be blue, red, and NIR. Best would be bands at:

These match the bands of a satellite imager that we often use in remote sensing research. (we may not be able to get these bands specifically)

'LCD Displays

The LXD H0043A


Reference Documents

'Optics and Filter Solutions:

'Possible Tripod Mounting Solutions:

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