CMS Billing for 2014 (charges through June 20, 2014)

Reference Documents

  • EDF Bills for CMS from January-June 2014: ZIP
  • Summary table of 2014 CMS Grant Award: XLS PDF
  • Spreadsheet with proposed charge allocation to SOW categories: XLS PDF

2014 Award and Proposed Billing

We recently received an award totaling $260,144.00 for 2014 work on CMS. The budget period ends Oct 1, 2014. There are some complicated rules regarding how charges may be assigned to the budget categories in the SOW, which I have attempted to apply in the "proposed charge allocation" spreadsheet linked above. Refer to the "Item No." column in that spreadsheet.

  • Items 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 are for labor only (except that item 12 has $4k of travel included)
  • Items 3, 9, and 11 are for parts only
  • Items 4, 7 and $4k from item 12 are travel only (and therefore not your concern)

All labor is considered equivalent and is billed to the relevant SOW items without any specific attempt to assign it based on the task being performed. In the "charge allocation" spreadsheet I just started with the first SOW item and continued until it was billed out, then continued to the next. I hope this will be acceptable to the project managers!

There are two categories for the parts. First are items marked "Parts [1]" which are charges associated with the production of AMC13 modules. These charges must be allocated proportionally between Items 3, 9 and 11 which are expected to fund (30,4,6) completed modules. The charge allocation is based on an expected yield of good modules (not all modules work or can be repaired). We expect that of the total 65 modules we built that at least 52 of them will be good, so Item 3 is charged 30/52 of the total, Item 9 is charged 4/52 of the total, and Item 11 is charged 6/52 of the total. 30+4+6=40, so only 40/52 are charged to CMS. The remaining 12 modules will be charged to G-2, but not this fiscal year. Confused yet?

The second parts category marked "Parts [2]" are simply charged to Item 3 without any special allocation.

The SOW items 9 and 11 are slightly overspent. If this is a problem then we need to re-budget those amounts to item 3.

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