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Boston University Electronics Design Facility creates specialized equipment for research scientists. We aspire to aid the innovation of others with our custom products so that researchers can concentrate on their science. Our qualifications and familiarity with the unique needs required to support research science empowers us offer expert assistance while giving researchers a competitve edge.

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The CMS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is one of four experiments investigating the state of matter under conditions not seen since shortly after the universe was created.

Prototype MicroTCA Hub Card designed in the EDF

Display of particle tracks resulting from 7 TeV proton collision at the LHC

Time Reversal Mirror Single Channel

In a time-reversal system a wave is sent out into a medium by one or more elements in an array and then the echo signals of each element recorded. A section of the echo signal recorded by each element is then selected and played backwards through the same element. The physics of wave propagation results in the signal refocusing back onto the target that scattered that signal. The applications that this could be used for include tracking kidney stones in the body and finding buried mines in the ocean.

This device can send and receive arbitrary waveforms with controlled timing to a single ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer.

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