NASA Radiometer Upgrade

The EDF upgraded three Mark-2 4 band Radiometers originally developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1980s. The manual states, "The device was designed to support thematic mapper ground-truth data collection efforts and to facilitate in situ ground-based remote sensing studies of natural materials".

Radiometer 3Radiometer 3

The EDF replaced one of the channels with a blue spectral band, designed a tripod and filter mount, recalibrated the units, as well as completing some extensive maintenance.

 Professor Alan Strahler at Boston University is now using the radiometers for CAS GE 502 Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing.  The device is used in to compare the reflection spectrum observed at ground level with that seen in satellite photos.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

Radiometer 1

Radiometer 2

Radiometer 3

Radiometer 4

Radiometer 5

Radiometer 6