Biological Compound Sensor

This device will use a proprietary sensor chip to measure the concentrations of various biological compounds in an aqueous solution.

The basic requirements are:

* Control 2 bias voltages (V1 and V2) for the sensor
* Superimpose a small AC signal (10mV) at a frequency variable from 2-100 Hz on V1
* Measure the AC current through the sensor as a function of the applied AC signal (dynamic resistance).
* Collect a family of curves by varying V1 and V2 for known concentrations of a test compound for calibration
* Finally, measure dynamic resistance at fixed V1, V2 for unknown compound concentrations and report the measured concentration.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

Biosensor Electronics Enclosure 3



Biosensor Electronics Enclosure 1

Biosensor Electronics Enclosure 2

Biosensor Electronics Enclosure 4