Gait Measurement Timer

This device is used by the Framingham Heart Study to measure the walking gait of study subjects over a fixed course. Two infrared light beams provide a precise measurement of the time interval required for the subject to cover the course. The time of day is displayed along with two successive time measurements.

The device was build on a custom PC board using an Atmel microcontroller with a back-lit LCD display. The unit may operate on batteries for portable use, or wall power for fixed use.

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Gait Measurement Timer 13

Linux Cluster for Computational Physics

We constructed a series Linux computing clusters at Boston University for Dr. Anders Sandvik.

The initial cluster prototype consists of 48 nodes arranged on plates with 3 motherboards each. One 380W power supply powers each plate. A single 48-port 100BaseT ethernet switch provides. network connections to all nodes in a rack. Nodes are currently diskless, though a small disk could probably be added if a large PSU were used.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

Linux Computer Cluster 1

Linux Computer Cluster 2