BU Physics Department

Biological Compound Sensor

This device will use a proprietary sensor chip to measure the concentrations of various biological compounds in an aqueous solution.

The basic requirements are:

* Control 2 bias voltages (V1 and V2) for the sensor
* Superimpose a small AC signal (10mV) at a frequency variable from 2-100 Hz on V1
* Measure the AC current through the sensor as a function of the applied AC signal (dynamic resistance).
* Collect a family of curves by varying V1 and V2 for known concentrations of a test compound for calibration
* Finally, measure dynamic resistance at fixed V1, V2 for unknown compound concentrations and report the measured concentration.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

Biosensor Electronics Enclosure 5

Biosensor PCB 1

Biosensor PCB 2

Biosensor Battery Pack

Biosensor Carrier Board Top

Biosensor Carrier Board Bottom

Wire Chamber Camera

CCD Camera for wire chamber readout.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

Time-of-Flight System

The EDF built a time-of-flight system used for various experiments in the surface physics laboratory of Professor Michael El-Batanouny at Boston University. These photos show new and old versions of parts of the system.

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HV Pulser 3

HV Pulser 2

HV Pulser 1

Linux Cluster for Computational Physics

We constructed a series Linux computing clusters at Boston University for Dr. Anders Sandvik.

The initial cluster prototype consists of 48 nodes arranged on plates with 3 motherboards each. One 380W power supply powers each plate. A single 48-port 100BaseT ethernet switch provides. network connections to all nodes in a rack. Nodes are currently diskless, though a small disk could probably be added if a large PSU were used.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

Linux Computer Cluster 1

Linux Computer Cluster 2

Laser Timing Divider Box

Laser Timing Divider Box for S. Erramilli.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

RF Phase Shifter

This is a small circuit which we built to shift the phase of a 30-100Mhz sine wave by about 0-90 degrees for an ECE research group.

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Neutron Electric Dipole Moment

This experiment will measure the electric dipole moment of the neutron at the
Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The official website (aimed at collaborators) is hosted at Los Alamos National Lab.

The BU nEDM TWiki contains active information on Boston University's participation.

The EDF is currently consulting on the design and layout of the readout electronics for photomultipliers, temperature sensors and magnetic field sensors inside the cryostat.

TKO Power Supply

This is a prototype power supply for the outer detector electronics used in the Super-Kamiokande Neutrino Detector in Japan. The prototype supply was built in the EDF, and used as a basis for production units built by Acopian, Inc.

[Engineering Technical Documentation]

TKO Power Supply 1

TKO Power Supply 2

TKO Power Supply 3


The CMS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is one of four experiments investigating the state of matter under conditions not seen since shortly after the universe was created.

Prototype MicroTCA Hub Card designed in the EDF

Display of particle tracks resulting from 7 TeV proton collision at the LHC