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Don't rent a car unless you really enjoy a challenge. Boston drivers are notoriously bad, and there is a lot of construction which makes things difficult. If you do bring a car, you must park at a meter ($1/hour and up, time limited to 1-2 hours many places), or if you arrange in advance you may be able to get a permit for a university structure.

Take the "T" (subway).
It will take you anywhere you need to go.

From the airport:

  • Outside the terminal, board a shuttle bus which says "Subway", ride to the station.
  • Buy a prepaid "Charlie Card" for fare. They work on all busses/trains.
  • Ride the blue line inbound to Government Center
  • Go upstairs and board a green line train westbound
    • For physics dept (or any other destination on Commonwealth ave), take a B-Boston College train to Blandford st (first above-ground stop)
    • For Buckminster or Commonwealth Hotel, take B, C or D train to Kenmore Square
    • For Holiday Inn (or any other
      destination on Beacon St), take C-Coolidge Corner train to St Mary's street