• 2 Senior Engineers
  • 1 Electronics Engineer
  • 1 Technician / Administrator
  • 3 Student Technicians

Eric Hazen (Director) founded the EDF in 1986. He has over 30 years experience in electronics design, software development and project management. Mr. Hazen is skilled at embedded system design, software development and analog and digital circuit design.

Phone: 617-353-6120
Cell: 617-448-9705
Office: PRB461 (in the back)

Shouxiang Wu (Senior Engineer) has been with the EDF since 1999. Previously he worked with Nobel laureate Samuel Ting on the L3 experiment at CERN. Mr. Wu has considerable expertise in fast synchronous logic design, printed circuit board layout, and analog design.

Phone: 617-353-5102
Office: PRB467

Dan Gastler (Electronics Engineer) has a Ph.D. in Physics and extensive experience in data acquisition, software development and digital electronics.

Phone: 218-461-9178
Office: PRB457

Chris Lawlor (Administrative Coordinator) handles administrative and technical tasks for the EDF, including record-keeping, purchasing, prototype assembly and testing, and equipment repair.

Phone: 617-353-4117
Office: PRB461 (front desk)