The EDF design team provides a wide range of electronic engineering services to support research science. These services include design, PCB layout, programming, simulation, documentation, mechanical & assembly, repairs, procurement, consultation, and training.

For expert machining, welding, and fabrication of experimental hardware, contact the Scientific Instrument Facility.


The EDF team solves technical problems through the design of functional scientific equipment that meets the researcher’s specifications. Super K QTC ModuleSuper K QTC Module The design process often yeilds innovative methods of improving research.

  • Instrument Design & Construction
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Signal & Image Processing
  • Experiment Control Systems
  • Analog and RF Circuit Design
  • Digital Circuit Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computer Interfacing
  • Mechanical Design


The EDF offers consultation sessions for researchers seeking advice and recommendations on commercially available products, parts, vendors, literature, PCB manufacturing, assembly houses, and much more. A short consultation session – at any stage of the project – can translate into tremendous cost savings for customers. The EDF staff offers a holistic perspective on the design process through its diverse portfolio of experience and connections.

PCB Layout

The EDF’s printed circuit board services includes schematic capture, parts selection, a custom PCB library, and consultation. The EDF can pick up your design at any stage and take it to completion.

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Multilayer Surface Mount Designs
  • High Speed Digital, Analog, and RF Circuits
  • Documentation including Schematic, Assembly, and Fabrication Drawings
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Testing and Production


The EDF develops custom software and firmware for experiment control systems, data acquisition, and analysis.

VHDL, Assembly, C/C++, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, MySQL, MATLAB


The EDF engineering team can perform simulations in the following areas:

  • VHDL Logic Design and Simulation
  • PSpice Analog Circuit Analysis
  • Signal Integrity Analysis


The EDF provides customers with high quality documentation that contains all of the information necessary to use and reproduce a product from first principle.

Custom documentation is available to suit the researchers’ needs. Services include:

  • User and Assembly Instructions
  • Circuit Schematics
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Parts Lists
  • Datasheet Archives

Mechanical & Assembly

The EDF offers customized assembly and design of electronic equipment and other related hardware.
HV PulserHV Pulser

  • Scientific Instrument Assembly
  • Electronic Circuit Assembly
  • Custom Cables
  • Enclosures
  • Front Panels
  • Mechanical Movements
  • Hardware
    • Mounting
    • Fasteners
    • Spacers
    • Brackets



The EDF engineering team is fully capable of servicing electronic laboratory equipment. In order to efficiently make use of EDF skills, repair jobs must balance resources and time so that repair costs do not exceed the ticket price of the equipment being repaired. The chance for a successful repair is increased if the EDF has the following:

  • Clear description of the problem
  • Users Manual
  • Service Manual with Schematics
  • The ability to meaningfully test the equipment in the EDF
  • The ability to repeatably reproduce the problem in the EDF
  • Access to replacement parts (sometimes replacement parts are no longer available)

EDF Equipment Repair Guidelines


The EDF offers assistance in the procurement of parts, equipment, and services. The EDF has established relationships with many key industry companies that which makes procurement fast and efficient.


The EDF offers hands-on learning opportunities for undergraduate, graduates, and professionals. The EDF staff can train individuals on electronic technician skills, engineering skills, CAD software, and PCB design.

Rates & Quotes

Depending on the nature of the project, jobs may be either quoted at a fixed rate or billed per time and materials. This is decided on a case-by-case basis by the director in consultation with the prospective customer.

Rates as of 11/01/2016
Senior Electronics Engineer Electronics Engineer Technician Student Technician
Boston University Customers $66.00/hr $46.00/hr $33.00/hr at cost (typically $15/hr)
Scientific Collaborators* $90.00/hr $61.00/hr $48.00/hr t.b.d
Outside Customers $132.00/hr $92.00/hr $66.00/hr t.b.d.

* The applicability of the Scientific Collaborator rate is
determined at the Facility Director's discretion.

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