Our Facilities

The EDF’s well-outfitted shop includes an extensive inventory of parts, electronic test equipment, and electronic assembly stations. The EDF uses industry-standard design tools from Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Synopsis, Autodesk, and Adobe.


  1. 1300 square feet of Working Area
  2. 3 Assembly Stations
  3. 3 Soldering Stations
  4. Fume Hood
  5. Compressed Air, Vacuum, Natural Gas, Cold Water
  6. 120VAC & 240VAC NEMA Electrical Outlets

Parts Inventory

  1. Assortment of FPGA / Microcontroller Development Kits
  2. Full Assortment of Interconnect & Wire/Cable
  3. Full Assortment of Passive and Semiconductor Parts
  4. Electromechanical Parts
  5. Power Products
  6. Enclosures
  7. Hardware


Electronic Test:

  1. Multimeters
  2. RCL Meter
  3. Oscilloscopes
  4. High Voltage Probes
  5. Frequency Counter
  6. Electrometer
  7. Pico-ammeter
  8. Pulse Generators
  9. Signal Generators
  10. High Voltage Power Supply
  11. AC/DC Power Supplies

Electronic Assembly:

  1. Binocular Microscope
  2. Surface mount Heat Cone
  3. Exhaust Fans
  4. Air Pencil
  5. Vacuum Tweezer
  6. Switch System
  7. Drill Press
  8. Milling Machine
  9. Sheet Metal Shear
  10. Assembly Press
  11. Static Control Grounding Workstation
  12. Soldering Stations
  13. Desoldering / Rework Stations
  14. Vices
  15. Multitude of hand tools


  1. Library of Electronics Literature
  2. Color Plotter
  3. Many Computers / Servers
  4. Digital Scale
  5. Copy Machine
  6. Fax Machine
  7. Laser Printers
  8. Label Maker
  9. Scanner

EDA Tools

The EDF has access to a broad spectrum of design tools from the following vendors through their University partnership programs:

Design tools from following vendors:

  1. Mentor Graphics
  2. Cadence Design Systems
  3. OrCAD
  4. Xilinx
  5. Altera
  6. AutoDesk
  7. National Instruments

Equipment Lending

The EDF lends tools, equipment, parts, and space to Boston University employees at no cost. If you are interested in borrowing some tools, need a place to work for a day, or you need a few parts to complete a project, contact us for more information.