Our regular hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The EDF is closed on official Boston University holidays.

Walk-ins welcome.

Phone: (617) 353-4117
Fax: (617) 353-3331

Campus Directions

The EDF is located at 3 Cummington Mall (Physics Research Building) in Room 461. The building is behind Morse Auditorium, and across from the Metcalf Science Center (SCI) at 590 Commonwealth Ave. Note: Cummington is no longer open to vehicle traffic, so park on Commonwealth Ave or Beacon St.

PRB: Physics Research BuildingPRB: Physics Research Building

Campus Map
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Closest T Stop: Blandford Street Station (Green Line B)
Closest Parking: Warren Towers Garage (Permits/Cash)
Closest BU Shuttle Stop: C4 (outbound), M4 (inbound)

Take the elevator to the fourth floor and make an immediate left as you exit the elevator. Head down the hallway and then take another left. The EDF is in Room 461.

Mailing Address:

Boston University Electronics Design Facility
590 Commonwealth Avenue, Physics Room 255
Boston, MA 02215


  • 2 Senior Engineers
  • 1 Electronics Engineer
  • 1 Technician / Administrator
  • 3 Student Technicians

Eric Hazen (Director) founded the EDF in 1986. He has over 30 years experience in electronics design, software development and project management. Mr. Hazen is skilled at embedded system design, software development and analog and digital circuit design.

Phone: 617-353-6120
Cell: 617-448-9705
Office: PRB461 (in the back)

Shouxiang Wu (Senior Engineer) has been with the EDF since 1999. Previously he worked with Nobel laureate Samuel Ting on the L3 experiment at CERN. Mr. Wu has considerable expertise in fast synchronous logic design, printed circuit board layout, and analog design.

Phone: 617-353-5102
Office: PRB467

Dan Gastler (Electronics Engineer) has a Ph.D. in Physics and extensive experience in data acquisition, software development and digital electronics.

Phone: 218-461-9178
Office: PRB457

Chris Lawlor (Administrative Coordinator) handles administrative and technical tasks for the EDF, including record-keeping, purchasing, prototype assembly and testing, and equipment repair.

Phone: 617-353-4117
Office: PRB461 (front desk)

Travel Information

Local Hotels:



Don't rent a car unless you really enjoy a challenge. Boston drivers are notoriously bad, and there is a lot of construction which makes things difficult. If you do bring a car, you must park at a meter ($1/hour and up, time limited to 1-2 hours many places), or if you arrange in advance you may be able to get a permit for a university structure.

Take the "T" (subway).
It will take you anywhere you need to go.

From the airport:

  • Outside the terminal, board a shuttle bus which says "Subway", ride to the station.
  • Buy a prepaid "Charlie Card" for fare. They work on all busses/trains.
  • Ride the blue line inbound to Government Center
  • Go upstairs and board a green line train westbound
    • For physics dept (or any other destination on Commonwealth ave), take a B-Boston College train to Blandford st (first above-ground stop)
    • For Buckminster or Commonwealth Hotel, take B, C or D train to Kenmore Square
    • For Holiday Inn (or any other
      destination on Beacon St), take C-Coolidge Corner train to St Mary's street